Thursday, March 30, 2017

applejack c’imon dill ‘sinthe molasses

 applejack cimon dill sinthe molasses

In honor of Record Store Day, in Alphabet City sean360x & universoul spiRitual Anhkestra (Mike Veny, Richard Padrón, Dave Melton, Rico Superbizzee Washington, Kenya Sollas) and Darren Austin collaborate on some applejack c’imon dill ‘sinthe molasses.


2 Responses to “applejack c’imon dill ‘sinthe molasses”
  1. priscillacrowell says:

    Love this tune.. performed in the African tradition of spoken word and rhythmis drumming. at billie’s black last night…GREAT!

  2. sean360x says:

    THANx sooo MUCH! I HOPE that ALL is well in your world.

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